CRM & Data

We are data experts with experience of building complex and reliable digital systems to support organisations. The specialists at Octophin Digital will work with you to understand your business data needs and recommend the best technical and strategic direction for your organisation.

We are system-agnostic, recommending the best digital and data solution for you.

You may not be looking for a whole new CRM system, but a way in which to automate and integrate your existing digital products so that your systems “talk” and your data flows effectively. Or you may be looking at how to better integrate or enhance the way you store customer data from your ecommerce website.

We have developed a fully custom system for arts charity Artsadmin using the open-source product SuiteCRM which not only enhances their B2B and B2C marketing efforts but integrates with their other digital systems. Get in touch to see how we could help you.

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