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About Octophin

Octophin Digital is a London-based creative agency specialising in online interactives, social media experiences and digital consultancy.

We have experience working with one-man-bands, international charities and large technology companies. We adjust our way of working to suit you.

We are a small team allowing us to be completely client focused. Our core team members have over a decade of experience in a broad number of disciplines not limited to building websites, interactives and apps, but also communication, PR, social media, SEO, training and journalism.

"A creative, friendly and efficient agency, Octophin Digital have been a pleasure to work with." Zoological Society of London (ZSL)

Octophin Digital also has access to a large network of skilled and trusted contractors to make sure we can always offer what you’re looking for at the most competitive rates.

Meet the Directors

How we work


If you come to us with an idea, we’ll work with you to make it bigger and better, using our experience and knowledge of the technology to add elements you might not have thought of.

Create a water-tight brief

We’ll work with you to build a brief you are truly happy with.

Be agile

We’ll continue to communicate and iterate throughout the design and digital build process so you can make informed decisions.

Launch big: PR & digital innovation

We will help you towards and after launch to make sure that your product makes as much of an impact as it deserves. We have a track record of making things that people want to read about and journalists want to write about. We are also happy to advise, consult and train your staff long after the project is complete.

Get in touch

We would love to hear from you. Get in touch on to see how we could work together.

“Octophin Digital have been pivotal to our success helping us from ideation to final delivery.”

- eHarmony UK

We’re proud to have worked on some brilliant projects with a variety of organisations. Read about some of them below.