Green hosting

We try to make sure the environmental footprint of our work is as low as possible, focusing on performance to cut down on emissions in our work. We’ve recommended and used Memset, the UK’s carbon neutral web host since we’ve begun and the carbon footprint of this website is “cleaner than 86% of websites tested” (January 2020) by the Website Carbon Calculator. Image compression, caching, green hosting and other decisions are all performance tweaks we can bring to your business (even add to existing systems). It’ll improve your SEO and make both your users happy and the environment better.

The internet’s carbon footprint is already large and continues to grow. We believe it is our responsibility and that of our peers, as makers in this industry to change this. We incorporate principles of sustainable web design, building fast, efficient systems and cutting down the bloat from systems we have inherited.

We prefer face to face conversations (and phone calls) over emails but being based in central London we soley use public transport (or walking) to get everywhere.

Ethical design

We follow inclusive, accessible, ethical and open design principles. We create, build-on and support free and open source software and believe the web should be accessible to every user on every device and browser through standards-driven, inclusive design.

We understand that not everyone has the best internet connection so focus on performance to make sure the content gets through to people regardless of who or where they are. We love getting excited about the latest trends in content presentation but try to where possible make use of progressive enhancement so that everyone can get to the core content even if they or their device can’t see, hear or interact with the style layer.

We hate selling people’s data to corporations like Google and Facebook so always strongly recommend ethical alternatives for event tracking and analytics. This website uses self hosted, cookie-free, ethical analytics platform Matamo for page view tracking. In most cases there are data capture methods that not only stop you having to give away your users’ data but also give them a better experience with faster websites and less annoying cookie and privacy policy popups.

We’ve worked with many charities to help them become GDPR compliant and subtley nudged them to store less of that information about their users they don’t actually need to collect.

Training, Mentoring and Knowledge Sharing

We have proudly trained up people into programmers, have taken part in mentoring and code clubs and sponsored diversity tickets and scholarships at web conferences.

We have collaborated with Islington Council and All Change Arts to help young people struggling to find work, taking part in a ten week work experience scheme and currently offering an internship.

We hate keeping development secrets, so love sharing how we’ve done something with the wider software community. If you’re intrigued or need help with something we’d happily give advice or point you in the right direction.