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Filip Hnízdo

Filip Hnízdo

Hi! I’m Filip. I'm an application/web developer, writer (& former newspaper journalist), digital artist, musician and trainer. And co-founder of Octophin Digital.

I love making maps, data visualisations, games and… yeah, pretty much everything Octophin Digital does.

I specialise in JavaScript development, from small apps to code-mammoths like Iris (the Node.js open source content management system and application framework I created and that this site runs on). Where’s the fun in just one language though? I still love PHP and am dabbling with Haskell after falling head over heels for functional programming. Technologies (especially on the front end, hi Angular!) come and go so I aim to pick the best tools for each job. I’ve made things on the web for 22 years, since I was 11. I don’t think I’ll stop any time soon.

My web development work has been featured internationally in publications including the BBC, Independent, Ars Technica, Wired Japan and Create Digital Music.

I love learning and making new things, being addicted to textbook-buying and conference/meetup presenting and attending but also passing on knowledge through projects such as mentoring young people at the wonderful Coder Dojo and doing 1-1 JavaScript training. In 2015, I released an art project every month (many of which were digital). Take a look at them.

I'm a writer, having worked as a newspaper and magazine journalist for many years both in print and online. I also started an online arts magazine back in 2004 and have written about web design and typography for Wired magazine.

I compose, record and play music (I did the WiredUK podcast music that you may have heard).

TL;DR? I love making things and talking about making things.

“Octophin Digital have been pivotal to our success helping us from ideation to final delivery.”

- eHarmony UK

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