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Heartbeat of the UK

Heartbeat of the UK

The Objective

What does love mean in a digital word? Dating industry giant wanted to find out so we were tasked with analysing the UK’s relationship with ‘love’ through social media.

The Approach

Heartbeat is a live visualisation of real-time tweets containing the word ‘love’.

Launched on 1 February 2016, the site uses uses Twitter’s Streaming APIs to analyse public tweets containing the word ‘love’ interpreting “love levels” to cause a digital animated heart to beat. The more loved up we feel as a nation, the bigger the heart will appear and faster it will beat.

The site for the first time reveals how overall interest in ‘love’ changes by time of the day, displaying a live heart rate monitor-style graph to track the hourly interest in love as well as the words most often associated with the word ‘love’ – all in real time.

The heartbeat enables you to watch the shifting emotions, opinions, and exclamations of some of the UK’s 13 million Twitter users. Location-enabled tweets containing the l-word are also plotted live on a map of the United Kingdom.

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